Showcase your work here?


Hello!  My name is Tara and this is my online shopfront to showcase the work of artists, photographers, authors, potters, ceramicists and creators of lovely things in Glastonbury and Somerset.  By purchasing things from my website, you are directly supporting the talent of our unique town and of course, there's a little something in it for me too! 

A little about me:

I live on the outskirts of Glastonbury. Whilst I might not have earned to coveted badge of being called a local, I have lived around here for 25 years. I'm a campsite manager, wife (to James in picture), mother and double whippet owner: Ronnie & Reggie whippet are the loves of my life ;)

My usual day job is running my family's campsite (Old Oaks Touring & Glamping) and on the side I have (had) a small events transport business ~ Glastonbury Tours.  Unfortunately, both have taken a battering due to Covid, especially the transport side of things, hence Glastonbury Gifts, my new website.  

Showcase your creations

If you'd like your work to appear on my website, please get in touch with me by email It's free to list your work (subject to approval). You'll just need to supply me with some lovely photos and suitable copy.  We can work out a fair commission for any items sold.

My main passion in my work life is the marketing and promotion side of things and so if you choose to showcase your lovely things with me, you will have the a huge, ready-made customer base on social media and a large email subscriber list to tap into.  Give me a shout :)

Contact details:

Tara White / Glastonbury Gifts / Wick Farm / Wick / Glastonbury / BA6 8JS